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KDDB Rocks it at RDVB

KDDB had a great time playing indoors on a sport court track with Resort City Roller Dolls. There were some injuries but all of us learned a lot about our strengths and weaknesses.

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KDDB First Scrimmage

KDDB will scrimmage Resort City Roller Dolls this Sunday January 29, 2012. Sorry but this is a closed event but don’t worry we will post pictures and let you know how it goes. I cant tell you how ready this team is to get it ON!

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KDDB gets down and derby!

Practicing three night a week is so much fun it sometimes it seems we cant get enough. We end up texting our friends on lunch breaks and Sundays to see who can get an hour or two of skating in at any random moment. We have been working ourselves so hard practicing and learning the rules the taste of our first bout is on the tip of our tongue. Roller derby is in our dreams and veins, KDDB bleeds roller derby. “We were born for this and have been searching for it all our lives,” says Punky and she’s right. We have many upcoming events so keep posted!

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It was all a dream… Until now;)

KDDB has reached fourteen skaters and still recruiting. The cool weather and working lights on the track are making for killer practices. All thanks to our coach, one of  Rat City’s finest Rollin’ Bayou is there to make us learn as much as our bodies will physically allow us.  She is teaching us to push ourselves to limits we never knew we had, limits that our saving our souls! We will be introducing our skaters to you soon and are hosting a meet and greet November 4 to stay posted for updates,  pictures, and MERCHANDISE.  Yep you read that right shirts will be here soon.

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Inside A KDDB Practice

It’s been awhile since we updated our adoring fans on the progress of the KDDB. I am happy to report that all of our ladies are up-ing their skill levels at every practice! We are so proud of each and every one of them! Here is a little sneak peek at what we do 🙂

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KDDB Takes On The Skate Park

At our Sunday practice we noticed that the extreme heat had driven all of the skateboarders away from the skate park adjacent to our rink. Since our first days out there last summer, we’ve been aching to get into that park and take on the bowl, ramps, etc. Despite our lack of skate park experience the four of us [Rollin’ Bayou, Pistle Whipley, Margo Ripperville, & Cherry Clob-Her], decided to go make fools [or heroes] of ourselves. The following video chronicles our adventure … Enjoy 🙂

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