So You Think Derby Is All Fishnets and Hotness?

Roller derby is a full contact sport. It is not staged or choreographed. It is real.

Each and every day, all around the country [and the world] real women play real roller derby.

Many of us practice more than we sleep and spend more time in the rink than at work. We are dedicated to our sport, our league, and our teammates.

Our practices are physically demanding in preparation for a sport that doles out as many concussions as football.

Sure … we have fishnets, booty shorts, and bad attitudes. But we also have a drive within us that pushes us to be our best, to skate hard, to never give up, and to work as a team.

We are just as much athletes as any soccer, football, or baseball star. We just look better 😉

So next time you see a derby girl, look past the hotness to the the physical wonder that lies within each skater. Appreciate the hours of work she puts into making your experience awesome and the physical strength she displays on the track.

We live, breathe, and dream derby. Do you?

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One Response to So You Think Derby Is All Fishnets and Hotness?

  1. krystlequidley says:

    lord im never gonna live this pic down! Its everywhere! this was when i first started skating, and proof of hours on the track. My feet are not nearly as busted today! they do look especialy dirty in this pic tho! narley!

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