Kicking Into High Gear, Even Higher Temps

Summer is almost upon us and we are receiving more and more requests from visiting skaters who want to drop by practices. The answer is always YES! But a few things to know before coming to skate with us:

[1] We practice outdoors on a coated concrete rink, be sure your wheels/gear are up to the damage.

[2] It is hot, hot, HOT on that concrete during our morning/midday practices. Bring lots of water for yourself, wear loose fitting light colored clothes, and bring a towel or yoga mat for warm ups because that concrete will burn.

[3] We are not WTFDA affiliated but are more than happy to email your league to let them know you practiced with us – for attendance requirements and the like.

[4] We require visiting skaters to fill out a one page emergency contact and liability release form which can be found here. However if you are visiting for the entire summer please go ahead and fill out a Membership Packet

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2 Responses to Kicking Into High Gear, Even Higher Temps

  1. Reagan Greenfield says:

    My name is MatilDa molish from the Charlottesville Derby Dames. I will be in town next week and would love to practice with yall. Is there someone i should contact? When and where are your practices? Thanks! I look forward to skating with you ladies.

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